Together - AsCending

11,401 Veterans live without any shelter in California*
We give them a fighting chance.

the vision

Our mission is to provide safe, sustainable living, founded on community, built for long-term success.


Rehabilitating their spirit and reintegrating them back into society by reconnecting them with their passion, purpose, and joy.

We are not just rehousing them, together, we are supporting their ascension to live more abundant lives.

Our largest project to date is a 41-acre Rock Canyon Property. The property is being utilized as a retreat space providing opportunities for Veterans to develop personally and professionally so they may lead more successful lives.  

Utilizing the Healing powers of NATURE, physical activity and community and providing access to new holistic modalities in health and wellness to rehabilitate their spirit and reintegrate them into society.  

help us PROTECT those who ONCE protected us

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We bring awareness to the broader LA area of the challenges that our unhoused veterans face due to lack of reliable housing.

Behind the people, life changing stories
Christmas At The VA
In December, on a very rainy day, we served hot chocolate and apple cider along with bagels, pastries, and pies as part of a Christmas Celebration held for the Veterans at the Brentwood VA. Arnold Schwarzenegger was in attendance and donated 25 tiny homes to veterans.
UScension July 4th Beach Fundraiser Event
UScension hosts  monthly fundraising events to fund key social issues and activate human potential through community, the healing powers of nature, and physical activity.
Thanksgiving at the VA
Serving those who served for us this holiday season.